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Please Note: the below opportunities are not offered as part of the Mars Youth Lacrosse Association, we just like to keep you informed of other opportunities in the area.

Big Bear Lacrosse is offering the following lacrosse training & strength/conditioning programs:


Summer Training (Groups & Individual)

Summer Lacrosse 8 Week Program

Summer Lacrosse 12 Week Program

(click on the links to learn more about the programs)


The training programs will focus on the following:

  • Muscular Strength/Endurance: During long, hard fought games and possessions legs seemed tired; our explosiveness during our dodges and shots seem to dwindle.
  • Joint Stability: The boys repeatedly dodge hard, rip shots, and receive brutal checks to the wrists and elbows. This can cause wear and tear on these major joints over time.
  • Core Strength: In lacrosse, our power comes from our core, whether it's taking a shot, dodging through a defender, or throwing a check, it begins and ends with our core strength.
  • Agility and Acceleration: Lacrosse is "The Fastest Game on Two Feet" and we can always be improving our lateral quickness and acceleration out of our dodges, to become more athletic scorers and defenders.

​For more information, contact Jonah Gutentag at


Arrow Lacrosse is holding their summer leagues.  Visit for more information.